Theme: Digitalisation of cold chain and food machinery assets
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At the time of the first edition of Food Chain, in 2011, terms like ‘predictive maintenance’ and ‘digital twin’ had not entered the food safety and food security lexicon. Today, they present themselves as being able to optimise the performance of the cold chain, with positive implications for greater reliability and energy efficiency. Today, it is about harnessing the capabilities of the Internet of Things and cloud-based ecosystem for preventing temperature excursions at multiple points in the food cold chain, from harvesting stage to recycling – creating a circular economy. Read more »


As per tradition, Food Chain leans heavily on a vibrant platform buzzing with the multitude of food safety & quality assurance (FSQA) and food security cold chain stakeholders. Through insight-filled Keynote Sessions, Technical Presentations, Panel Discussions and Structured Audience Engagement, in addition to a vital exhibition track, including walkthroughs and pre-arranged bespoke one-on-one meetings, Food Chain is an exercise in gratification and fulfilment. The proof is in the longevity of the event – a 10th anniversary is quite an extraordinary milestone in these transient times. (Please note, the 10th edition of Food Chain is a hybrid event.)

Quotes from Speakers



A cold store, if not designed, constructed and installed properly, will not find any takers, because its questionable functioning can destroy perishable goods, which explains why owners of cold stores are rightly fussy about the details of construction, compared to the less-fussy approach from those who want to finish a building in nine months and give out for occupation.

- Ghaleb Abusaa, cold chain expert; CEO, GASO


In a region where climate control logistics play a critical role in reducing food waste and food loss, Climate Control Middle East magazine has been the backbone for the industry’s evolution, and continues to keep all stakeholders informed, where both experts and operators exchange ideas and opportunities.

- Sheikh Dr Majid Sultan Al Qassimi, Director, Animal Development & Health Department, UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment


In general from the conference, I got lot of insights about food safety in a different perspective. I got lot of ideas from third dimension which was never imagined earlier.

- Dhayalan Govindarajan, Senior Product Manager, Gorica Industries LLC


Being a strong proponent of advocating food safety and food security in the region this conference provides a perfect platform to express the importance of adopting technology and innovation to stay ahead in pursuit of excellence.

- Dr Suheel Ahmed, CEO, Arabian Farms Dev. LTD


Very useful event in this important market subject

- Joao Batista Koch, Head QA/QC, Al-Ghurair