At the time of the first edition of Food Chain, in 2011, terms like ‘predictive maintenance’ and ‘digital twin’ had not entered the food safety and food security lexicon. Today, they present themselves as being able to optimise the performance of the cold chain, with positive implications for greater reliability and energy efficiency. Today, it is about harnessing the capabilities of the Internet of Things and cloud-based ecosystem for preventing temperature excursions at multiple points in the food cold chain, from harvesting stage to recycling – creating a circular economy.

With automation, the possibility of not just monitoring but also controlling without human intervention in improving food safety and food security standards is alluring. The machines that underpin the cold chain infrastructure come with the capability of listening to, and interacting with, one another, taking diagnostics to a higher level, in the process minimising thermal abuse.

The 10th edition of Food Chain, while addressing legacy topics, is dedicated to the digital transformation sweeping through the food industry. It is the coming together of cold chain with the world of algorithms to deliver more sophisticated solutions that cold storage, distribution, food retail, HORECA, e-commerce fulfilment entities and other sectoral end-users can no longer afford to ignore.

About the Conference Chair

Raja Subramanyam – Event Chairperson, Cold Chain Consultant

With a career spanning 20+ years in the cold chain business in the Middle East & Africa markets, Raja Subramanyam has extensive domain expertise in food retail, commercial and transport refrigeration, vending solutions and automation. His illustrious career includes stints at Carrier Refrigeration, during its formative years in the Middle East; Emerson Climate Technologies and Ingersoll-Rand Climate Solutions, where he established and developed its refrigeration business in the region. He has coalesced his experience to work as an Independent Cold Chain Consultant with the objective of providing cost-effective R-HVAC solutions with an emphasis on energy efficiency. Raja is working towards developing sustainability goals, and is a passionate accelerator of digital transformation of cold chain technical assets.